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Good Lord, I can't believe I found a community of Leahs! Well, I suppose I'll give a short introduction then :-).

My name is pronounced like "Lee-ahh", not "Lay-uh" or any of the other various mispronunciations. I'm 18 and in college, and up until now, I pretty much hated my name. No one could ever say my name right and that annoyed me very much. To this day, people still say my name like "Lee", which I don't understand because of the obvious "h" at the end. Anyway, I feel that my name fits me because I'm definitely weary. I know of other meanings of the name Leah, like "mistress" or "ruler" and even "cow". My eyes are bad lol. I wear glasses/contacts, and I also have uveitis in my left eye, which is inflammation of the whole eye. It almost blinded me. It happened last summer and my eye is still not back to normal.

I always wondered why my parents chose the name Leah. All I ever get from my mom when I ask that question is "oh I love that name!" Never any rational explanation. They didn't even know if I was a boy or a girl until I was born and they did not pick out a boy's name. My middle name is Ann so people often say my name like "Leanne". My last name makes it so much worse. But I've rambled enough here. Sorry about that.

Thanks for adding me!

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