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If you don't believe in me, you shouldn't be here

Godhatesfags in Evansville, Indiana. If you live in or near here, please consider helping counter-pr

sorry for spamming, fellow leahs! i think this is really important, though! if you disagree, go ahead and tell me; i'll delete it and i won't be sad.




posted the following on evansvillescene.com and in my LJ, am reposting here.

as a christian myself, i am really upset and PISSED that these folks dare to claim this name. but it's what they want. they WANT to piss people off, and i for one don't want to give them that satisfaction.

funeral arrangements will be in the sunday courier & press. there have been rumblings in livejournal-land between my brother, a few friends, and myself about the distinct possibility that there will be counter-protest going on. i was personally hoping for a NONVIOLENT thing, inspired by a scene i saw last semester in "the laramie project". this exact same group protested at matthew shepard's grave, and a group dressed as angels (we wouldn't have to copy that too, but i still love their idea) and lined up facing the protestors, forming a silent human barrier between protestors and mourners. no yelling, no picketing, no signs. no aggression or violence of any kind.

i don't know about you all, but to me that is BEAUTIFUL. this is the kind of counter i hope happens, and i hope to participate in. a lot of people on this board don't share my faith, and i'm ok with that. let's not turn this thread into another fruitless religious debate when there's really some opportunity here to unite and make some good out of an infuriating situation.

i'll be watching the paper more, and talking with people, and seeing what's going to come out. there's been talk of prayer vigils to "show what the REAL face of God looks like" and while that's cool, i don't want to exclude my friends, some of whom i know post around here, just because i go to church and you don't. that is, to me, the appeal of this silent-protest idea. if people want to wear NON-AGGRESSIVE/NONVIOLENT slogans on T-shirts, whether religious or not, cool. just keep the statement to the shirt. and keep the silent vigil. if you don't think you can keep your cool, DON'T GO. plain and simple. we don't want to give these wack-jobs the kind of anger and disorder that they're angling for.

anybody with us, if we decide to pull this thing together and do it?

reply if you're interested! my brother (myspace.com/orpheus42) and i are certainly planning on keeping ya up to date on whatever is planned!
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