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When life gives you Leah...

When life gives you Leah, compliment her on her outfit.

I am SOOO happy to be Leah. I am not vain, but I am beautiful, smart, social, and talented.

I always had a low self esteem until lately. Once I started working in the real world all the kids I work with look up to me, the men thought I was gorgeous, and the women thought I was fun to hang around with.

Woman hood is so nice. I used to think I wanted to be 17 forever, but now I know that life only get better with age. I am becoming more confident. I am not so worried about what others think and I feel more independent. I used to never want to leave my home town in Oklahoma. Now I want to travel the world.

I always wanted to be my own boss and own a company, and now I do. I am so happy! I am Leah hear me roar!
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