Leah - Test Journal (aceticacid) wrote in roomfullof_leah,
Leah - Test Journal

Pissed off.

I was so pissed of this whole week. This is a very shortened analogy of what happened, If you want the full story read my journal.

I've been trying to get into this class and it conflicts with one of my other classes, but it doesn't matter because it's only a one time thing. I write to the help desk.
Me: Help, I am being conflicted even though the class is only once. What should I do?
Help desk: You need an override form.
Me: An override form? I thought those were only for exceeding the class limit. I thought I needed a time code. What is the difference between these two? Do I need the instructors permission becuase there is no instructor listed at the moment.
Help desk: Either one will do.
Me: The class is full then? I went to see you today on my lunch but nobody seen to me. I've got the override form, but I can't really see you in person because my qork ends at 5 and you guys also close at 5. There is still no instructor posted so how can I get their signature? I have attatched the override form.
Help desk: I'm sorry that you do not feel that you are being adequately serviced. The course is full, you need an override form.
Me: I re-sent the previous e-mail. You guys didn't answer any of my questions so here there are in plain sight. 1) Do I need a teachers signature even though there is no teacher. 2) Do you need me to come in person or is the attatched override form ok? 3) Do I need a department signature. Would I get that from the dean? I have resent the override form.
Help desk: I have tried to enroll you in the class, but there is a time conflict, you need an override form.
Me: I KNOW the class is full, I ALREADY have an override form. I tried to send it in an ATTATCHMENT in the last two e-mails. My question now is: Do I need a signature from the insturctor to override the class limit? There is NO INSTRUCTOR listed.
Then the lady tells me that I was rude to her.

So what has pissed you off lately?

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