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A Room Full of Leah

Because it's the best name ever...

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A community for anyone whose name is Leah. No matter how you pronounce it...as long as it's spelled right. :)

And don't you dare add that "princess" at the front...>_<

Anything goes here...talk about whatever you want and post whatever you want...but some basic courtesy and usage rules still apply:

1) Your name must be Leah.

This community is open only to LJ users named "Leah." The mod makes every effort to send invitations to LJ users listing their name as Leah... If you're a Leah and you stumble across us, you can join just as you would any other community. If you're legit (meaning you don't seem like some creepy stalker dude pretending to be named Leah) you'll be approved and have immediate access to our wonderful little world.

2) Be kind to one another. NO FLAMING!
(It is not the "Leah" way...)

3) Use the LJ Cut for entries longer than a paragraph and/or containing more than one picture. If a post is in need of an LJ Cut, the post will be automatically deleted after which you'll be able to repost if it's appropriate. I'm kind of lenient on this one and it's done case-by-case...but there you have it

4)Anything goes here!

You can pretty much post whatever you want, link to whatever you want, say whatever you want...all we ask is that you avoid the following:

+Absolutely no linking to or posting anything that LJ would consider "indecent".

+And please do not use this as a forum to ask questions about your computer troubles or how to use LJ features.

+Quiz results...they're annoying.

Any posts containing the above will be deleted.

5)Have fun!

(The Moderator reserves the right to delete any post or ban any member she deems to be in violation of these guidelines. The Moderator will make every effort to notify via comment why your entry was deleted and whether or not it is appropriate to repost.)

+Leah-Approved Links (coming soon)

This community is managed by ophelias_lament