If you don't believe in me, you shouldn't be here (the_midgetqueen) wrote in roomfullof_leah,
If you don't believe in me, you shouldn't be here

heyyy everybody :)

three guesses what my name is.

i'm 19, i live in the middle of nowhere (indiana), and i have a strange fetish for skinny, geeky guys. not the drooly pocket-protector type, though... there's a brand of geekdom which is surprisingly attractive... ok, so maybe it's just me.

anyway... *ponders how she can contribute to the community while gleaning the highest amount of useless info possible from its members*

let's have a middle name poll! what's your middle name? mine's christine.

this is me. and "poop" the cow, my lovely little cow-shaped purse. he even has a little pink nametag... though i don't know how well you can see it in the pic.
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