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A Room Full of Leah [entries|friends|calendar]

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Hello! [03 Jun 2006|10:38pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Good Lord, I can't believe I found a community of Leahs! Well, I suppose I'll give a short introduction then :-).

My name is pronounced like "Lee-ahh", not "Lay-uh" or any of the other various mispronunciations. I'm 18 and in college, and up until now, I pretty much hated my name. No one could ever say my name right and that annoyed me very much. To this day, people still say my name like "Lee", which I don't understand because of the obvious "h" at the end. Anyway, I feel that my name fits me because I'm definitely weary. I know of other meanings of the name Leah, like "mistress" or "ruler" and even "cow". My eyes are bad lol. I wear glasses/contacts, and I also have uveitis in my left eye, which is inflammation of the whole eye. It almost blinded me. It happened last summer and my eye is still not back to normal.

I always wondered why my parents chose the name Leah. All I ever get from my mom when I ask that question is "oh I love that name!" Never any rational explanation. They didn't even know if I was a boy or a girl until I was born and they did not pick out a boy's name. My middle name is Ann so people often say my name like "Leanne". My last name makes it so much worse. But I've rambled enough here. Sorry about that.

Thanks for adding me!


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What's up fellow Leah-ers! [06 Mar 2006|06:24pm]

I'm a Leah in highschool, i truly am weary, and i do, in fact, wear glasses.
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Godhatesfags in Evansville, Indiana. If you live in or near here, please consider helping counter-pr [06 Jan 2006|10:28pm]

sorry for spamming, fellow leahs! i think this is really important, though! if you disagree, go ahead and tell me; i'll delete it and i won't be sad.




posted the following on evansvillescene.com and in my LJ, am reposting here.

as a christian myself, i am really upset and PISSED that these folks dare to claim this name. but it's what they want. they WANT to piss people off, and i for one don't want to give them that satisfaction.

funeral arrangements will be in the sunday courier & press. there have been rumblings in livejournal-land between my brother, a few friends, and myself about the distinct possibility that there will be counter-protest going on. i was personally hoping for a NONVIOLENT thing, inspired by a scene i saw last semester in "the laramie project". this exact same group protested at matthew shepard's grave, and a group dressed as angels (we wouldn't have to copy that too, but i still love their idea) and lined up facing the protestors, forming a silent human barrier between protestors and mourners. no yelling, no picketing, no signs. no aggression or violence of any kind.

i don't know about you all, but to me that is BEAUTIFUL. this is the kind of counter i hope happens, and i hope to participate in. a lot of people on this board don't share my faith, and i'm ok with that. let's not turn this thread into another fruitless religious debate when there's really some opportunity here to unite and make some good out of an infuriating situation.

i'll be watching the paper more, and talking with people, and seeing what's going to come out. there's been talk of prayer vigils to "show what the REAL face of God looks like" and while that's cool, i don't want to exclude my friends, some of whom i know post around here, just because i go to church and you don't. that is, to me, the appeal of this silent-protest idea. if people want to wear NON-AGGRESSIVE/NONVIOLENT slogans on T-shirts, whether religious or not, cool. just keep the statement to the shirt. and keep the silent vigil. if you don't think you can keep your cool, DON'T GO. plain and simple. we don't want to give these wack-jobs the kind of anger and disorder that they're angling for.

anybody with us, if we decide to pull this thing together and do it?

reply if you're interested! my brother (myspace.com/orpheus42) and i are certainly planning on keeping ya up to date on whatever is planned!
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[06 Jan 2006|05:08pm]

Hi all you Leahs' (Man that makes me feel like im talking to myself)

Well as you guessed my name is Leah. i am 23 and from Australia.
thought it would be pretty cool to be part of a place all about my name so here i am.

Not really sure what else to say so if you have any questions go ahead and ask!
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When life gives you Leah... [18 Aug 2005|11:25pm]

[ mood | happy ]

When life gives you Leah, compliment her on her outfit.

I am SOOO happy to be Leah. I am not vain, but I am beautiful, smart, social, and talented.

I always had a low self esteem until lately. Once I started working in the real world all the kids I work with look up to me, the men thought I was gorgeous, and the women thought I was fun to hang around with.

Woman hood is so nice. I used to think I wanted to be 17 forever, but now I know that life only get better with age. I am becoming more confident. I am not so worried about what others think and I feel more independent. I used to never want to leave my home town in Oklahoma. Now I want to travel the world.

I always wanted to be my own boss and own a company, and now I do. I am so happy! I am Leah hear me roar!

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community i just created (x-posted all over the place) [07 Jul 2005|09:41pm]


the focus of this community is on true beauty, what it means, where it's found and the connection between body and spirit. you can contribute ANYTHING having to do with this.

since it's brand-spankin-new, it hasn't really taken off in any direction yet. this is where you guys come in! it's exciting because you can grow it, you can contribute in any way you want, you can define what we talk about and the kind of community it becomes!

please, check it out, read the community info, and join and contribute if you'd like.
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[04 Jun 2005|03:35pm]
happy birthday to me
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LaLaLaLeah!!! [13 Apr 2005|01:18pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I was utterly amazed to discover a community strictly reserved for the name Leah. So clearly I had to join.

I have a Leah related topic: What is with the bad connotations of the name Leah? If you look it up in a name book, you will find the word 'weary' which I have to say describes me perfectly. Perhaps a CURSE?!? Also, Leah originated in Hebrew... and as told in the bible, Leah was the unattractive sister of Rachel... How could anyone with such an awesome name be unattractive??!

This was a ridiculous post....

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Pissed off. [07 Apr 2005|10:22pm]

I was so pissed of this whole week. This is a very shortened analogy of what happened, If you want the full story read my journal.

what is the meaning of help?Collapse )

So what has pissed you off lately?

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bored bored bored [29 Mar 2005|05:22pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Ok ... so nobody wants to write in here so I will. I am so bored at work all the stupid time ... so, I read books. The one that I'm reading now is called The Colour of Her Panties it's #15 in a series by Piers Anthony. They're all set in a place called Xanth where an ancient demon, called X(A/N)th, has been sitting there so long some of his magic has been infused into the land around him. Therefore every human has a magic talent and every animal is magical.

What's the last book you guys read that you really liked?

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new new new [23 Mar 2005|06:32pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

So I'm new ... I don't really know if there's a protocall for new people but I'm going to say some stuff about me anyways lol.

Name: Leah ... oh my god! who would have guessed it?
Age: almost 19
Glasses: Yes!
Weird Leah instances: In gr7 my bookbuddy's name was Lea
How many Leahs do you know?: I don't know lol. Leah Taylor, Leah Dannis, Leah Bernard, Leah Scully ... my aunt's friend Leah ... all of you lol

That's about it. I know, I know ... I'm boring and I use elipses too much.

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ok, so... *promo time* [18 Mar 2005|12:25pm]

i usually uber-dislike rating communities. rarely do i give them more than a cursory glance. however, *surprise* this one's kinda neat. i actually think it's worth my time:


so i'm applying. and i have to promote in the application. sorry if it's an annoyance. but really, it's not a bad place if you'd like to check it out.

this and 4eyed_sexy are the only ones i've ever joined or recommended. i'm not some silly ratings-community-whore. they really are neat, or i wouldn't be involved with them. consider them, at least. thanks for your time, ladies.
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[12 Mar 2005|05:37pm]

i'm new. and i think its grand to have a community all to our own. i like being leah. out of 1500 kids at my school theres only one other leah. for a short time when i was little i spelt my name thea...i don't know why. haha, anyways. Hello is what i wanted to say. if you want to see what i look like just assskk.
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[08 Jan 2005|01:43am]

Hi, I'm not new I just have a new user name, dont really have much to say other than hello.

Did any of you have friends named Leah growing up? I didnt know any one with my name until high school and they were "Lia"
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Favorites... [30 Dec 2004|06:18pm]

[ mood | curious ]

So now that I'm on winter break from school...I have some extra time to devote to my communities.

So I'd like to know from my fellow Leahs...

Who is your favorite actor/actress?


My two Jonnys:

1) Jonathan Rhys Meyers

2) Johnny Depp

And while I don't claim them as favorites, I find myself going out of my way to see movies starring Drew Barrymore and Jim Carrey.

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Merry Christmas! [24 Dec 2004|02:43pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and safe holiday!


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Hiya. Betcha you can't guess my name! [27 Nov 2004|09:00pm]

[ mood | drained ]

'Ello ello. My name is Leah, but you can call me Leah. I hope you all don't have a hard time remembering that. I know two other people named Leah at school. One of them I call Bob, and she calls me Squiz... Yepp...

-Feels very uninteresting-

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heyyy everybody :) [18 Nov 2004|11:05am]

three guesses what my name is.

i'm 19, i live in the middle of nowhere (indiana), and i have a strange fetish for skinny, geeky guys. not the drooly pocket-protector type, though... there's a brand of geekdom which is surprisingly attractive... ok, so maybe it's just me.

anyway... *ponders how she can contribute to the community while gleaning the highest amount of useless info possible from its members*

let's have a middle name poll! what's your middle name? mine's christine.

and... this is me.Collapse )
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[17 Nov 2004|10:45pm]

[ mood | creative ]

well hello fellow Leahs. Its truly exciting being named Leah? sure. well umm i dont really know what im supposed to say in this. So yeah, right.


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[24 Oct 2004|01:36am]

[ mood | bored ]

Yea--I got Bored so i decided to post on here..ok..Im a Animal Fanatic(i dont know if spelt that right) so i thought id post a picture of my babies!! I have 2 Dogs Named Piper Danielle and Lil Gurl and a Fish Named Spike. Behind the cut!
Read more...Collapse )

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